The SW-SS is here



  After months of perfecting the design and constructing multiple prototypes,  Chris Boudreaux and Danny Recordon, owners of VERO, did not want to release the SW until it could withstand EVERYTHING that could be, and has been thrown at it.
Taking the extra time to refine all of the details offered a moment to create the SW's counterpart, the high polished SW-SS. The polished finish on the SW-SS is what makes this piece a true work of art. 
The SW's case is made of a rigid 316L stainless steel that houses a Swiss made SW-200 automatic movement.
Each watch is tested in extreme heat and cold, and to 200m in a custom made pressurized tank.
Only the horologist at VERO can service this watch, as it has a specially made access point on the back that ensures both water resistance, and continuity of performance.
Designed, manufactured and finished in house at their shop in Portland, Oregon. 


Please visit the SW product page to see a full list of specification on the SW
and how you can experience the most comfortable automatic you will ever wear.  


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