VERO's Crowning Feature

The functionality of our watch crowns and case tubes were inspired by the mechanics of a hydraulic piston.

All of our watches are designed with a dynamic piston seal, ensuring water resistance, as well as aiding in blocking out dust and small debris.

The case tube has an extended sealing face that remains in contact with the o-ring across the stroke of setting positions, ensuring a sealed watch even when setting the time.

With Spring in full bloom here in Portland, we are taking every opportunity to put our watches to the test in both rivers and the ocean.

We won't be the first one's to say that when the water is roughly 40 degrees, the last thing you're thinking about is your watch's water resistance.

And with Vero Watches, you'll never need to.





There is so much to consider when designing a new watch and its components.

Style, functionality, fit, and finish to name a few. But what about something that seems as trivial as a watch crown?

We soon discovered that the seemingly simple feature of our watches needed some fortification. 

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