Ensuring Water Resistance


The Open Water series is a dive watch at its heart. Designed and tested to endure whatever you can throw at it, including 200 meters of water resistance. Yes, we know that you can’t actually dive to 200 meters (about the height of the Seattle Space Needle), you’d be crushed by the water pressure! However, the Open Water’s water resistance rating protects it from any diving you may do, no matter how deep you go. Even if all you want to do is swim laps at the pool, you can be sure that your Open Water will remain dry inside.

There are a few things that are done to the Open Water to ensure its 200 meters of water resistance. The case thickness (or lack thereof), screwdown case back and strategically placed gaskets all help ensure this water resistance rating. The screwdown crown is one of the most important features that gives the Open Water 200 meters of water resistance. 

The threads that secure the crown in place when you screw it back in have gaskets placed near the crown to lock out water. To protect the crown from damage and accidental unscrewing, there are small flanks, called crown guards, that keep these things from damaging your watch. 

When you’re ready to wind and set your watch, unscrewing the crown by spinning it counter-clockwise. The crown will pop out slightly when it is fully unscrewed. Wind the watch by spinning the crown clockwise about 20-30 times. Pull the crown out one more time to set the time. Push the crown back in and spin it clockwise to screw it back in. The crown will stop firmly when it is fully seated. You’re ready for your next adventure, wet or dry.

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