VERO + 944Rallye

a porsche built for off road. What could go wrong?

In 2022, we partnered with Nicholas Hanlon on his custom build out of his off road Porsche. In December, he took the back roads of the US to cross from North Carolina to Washington. Each leg of the journey was a testament to the craftsmanship of his finely tuned engine, and the brazen will power that kept him going.

The Hooligan Workhorse Chrono's distinct color way was the inspiration behind the scheme of Nicholas' Porsche. A custom wrap job and dash mount rep our iconic Hooligan smiley. Rebels will be rebels.


trek across the us

Driving across the country is a feat, but add on doing it in a Porsche...with the top the it something entirely different.

After trekking over 4500 miles across the country, Nicholas Hanlon joined up with Evan and the guys at Pollock Pictures to capture a bit of a "day in the life"- putting the ultimate vehicle through its paces- a Porsche Safari Boxster, code name "Gazpacho", built for the road less travelled.

VERO hooligan + 944Rallye

The Ultimate Road trip