Meridian Manual Wind Series

Inspired by the grand journey

Swiss Super LumiNova

We filled the minute and hour hands, and dial dot indices with Swiss Super LumiNova to match the Meridian Series' simple, classic aesthetic. Each application can glow up to 15 hours with a full UV charge.

NodeX Micro-ADjusting Clasp

We partnered with Nodus to bring you a clasp that takes the hassle out of fine tuning the fit of your watch. With a simple button push, you can add a 1/2" of micro-adjustments to ensure a comfortable bracelet year round.

Custom Mechanical Movement

Meridian Manual Winds are fully assembled and regulated to +/- 5 seconds per day in our shop in Portland, Oregon. Each mechanical movement has black rhodium plated bridges, snail finished ratchet wheels, and iridescent blued screws.

You get back what you put in

Blaze your own path

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between VERO Watch Company, musician and film maker Matt Costa, outdoor footwear brand Danner, and adventure apparel brand Roark for the production of a short film titled "Katabatic Flight". Shot in a combination of classic 16mm film and on a modern high resolution RED camera, the film follows Matt Costa as he interviews Matthew James, asking questions about how he motivates himself and others.

Through stunning visuals and an immersive soundscape by Matt Costa, "Katabatic Flight" captures the essence of what it means to push oneself to new limits, while embracing the grandeur and beauty of the natural world. The film will follow Matt Costa and Matthew James as they journey over vast landscapes at 10,000 feet.

The Meridian Manual Wind Series is assembled in our shop, here in Portland, Oregon. This series hearkens back to our Rally and Sunset 36mm manual wind watches from 2019. We took our hands-on knowledge in watchmaking and fortified our design with staggering dimensions, complimentary dual tone finish, and an articulated bracelet that would make a glove jealous. Our journey as watchmakers has had peaks and valleys, but through it all, we have grown and welcome each new challenge. This is the same idea behind Matt Costa's vision for Katabatic Flight- to share from learned moments, and encourage growth and understanding- you get back what you put in.

Take FLight

WAtch KAtabatic Flight

The film follows Matt Costa as he journeys over California with pilot, Matthew James. With a birds eye view of the landscapes, they explore what it means to be faced with life’s obstacles and how we can help one another and learn from different life experiences.