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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between VERO Watch Company, musician and film maker Matt Costa, outdoor footwear brand Danner, and adventure apparel brand Roark for the production of a short film titled "Katabatic Flight". shot in a combination of classic 16mm film and on a modern high resolution RED camera, the film follows Matt Costa as he interviews Matthew James Hetherington, asking questions about how he motivates himself and others.

Through stunning visuals and an immersive soundscape by Matt Costa, "Katabatic Flight" captures the essence of what it means to push oneself to new limits, while embracing the grandeur and beauty of the natural world. The film will follow Matt Costa and Matthew James as they journey over vast landscapes at 10,000 feet.

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In partnership with VERO Watch Company, Danner, and Roark, we are pleased to present the official trailer for Katabatic Flight, directed and scored by Matt Costa. Watch the full film on April 28th.

The film follows Matt, and pilot Matthew James as they explore what it means to be faced with life’s obstacles and how we can help one another and learn from different life experiences.

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Click below to download our Meridian Manual Wind + Katabatic Flight assets folder from Google Drive.