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Built to thrive on land and in sea.

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“At its core, the Open Water is a dive watch — which just happens to make a great base for a watch fit for adventure.”


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The Open Water series is a dive watch at heart, with wear and tear proof features that take on imapct and great depths.

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Choose between an array of colorful straps, or a custom fit stainless steel bracelet.

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Inspired by locations here in the Pacific Northwest, each watch style has dynamic hues for high visibility, and striking contrast.

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Teddy Baldassarre

“Pretty striking watch, suitable in terms of the movement, water resistance, and wearability. This is a cool piece and it honestly makes you question sometimes, what are brands doing from a mass market perspective?”

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"It’s the fact that I absolutely know that this chance that I took on a micro brand from Portland, Oregon was the best possible watch that I could buy with the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve obtained over the last several years."

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Time + Tide

"The design team at VERO shows restraint, while also making us understand the importance of small, understated details that seems to be lacking in many over-ceramicised bezels framing coloured dials with three font colours."

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10 year, No-Questions-Asked Warranty? Really?

We build our watches to take a beating and stand up to the stress you will put it through on your adventures.

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The tiny part that takes big impact.

...not only does the technology exist to prevent movement damage from shocks, but that we have put our watches to the test to ensure it lives up to those claims.

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So, how do you use the bezel on the Open Water? If you’re a diver, you rotate the bezel until the 00 is aligned with the minute hand, then jump in the water.

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