Built to thrive on land and in sea.

“At its core, the Open Water is a dive watch — which just happens to make a great base for a watch fit for adventure.”



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Recent Reviews

Teddy Baldassarre

“Pretty striking watch, suitable in terms of the movement, water resistance, and wearability. This is a cool piece and it honestly makes you question sometimes, what are brands doing from a mass market perspective?”

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"It’s the fact that I absolutely know that this chance that I took on a micro brand from Portland, Oregon was the best possible watch that I could buy with the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve obtained over the last several years."

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Time + Tide

"The design team at VERO shows restraint, while also making us understand the importance of small, understated details that seems to be lacking in many over-ceramicised bezels framing coloured dials with three font colours."

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