The SW Series

Where sport meets luxury.

MAde in our shop in Portland Oregon

Stainless Steel Case & Crowns

Our case and crown for the SW series were designed and milled in-house. We then polished each high polish bezel, straight grained case, lugs, and crowns in-house. Watch our manufacturing process in the video link below.

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Piston Sealed Stem & Crown

The SW stem and crowns have a triple gasket, piston sealing configuration that keeps debris from inching into your watch from setting the time, as well as water and sweat while on your wrist. Click below to learn more.

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In-House Assembly & Regulation

Before designs are approved, the SW series was tested in extreme heat and cold, then left within a pressurized water chamber. After our watches are assembled, movements are tested in 6 positions to +/- 5secs per day.

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A true modern sports watch

"...a watch that reflected the youthful and energetic approach the brand takes to design and engineering."

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Watch Report

Its all about Ergonomics

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SW Reviews and technical videos...

WAtch Report Review

"Vero Watches SW-Made in America, Mostly..." Hear what the experts had to say in this hands-on review.

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IN-House Assembly

See the full video on assembling the SW and SW-SS automatics in-house, here in Portland, Oregon in 2019.

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UTE Watch Co Review

Hands-on look at the SW at the 2019 Wind Up Watch Fair hosted by Worn&Wound in New York City.

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