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Take the bumpy road home.

Just like with shocks and suspension on a Jeep, watches have the ability to absorb impact and consistent jostling.

This is why watches are tested in 6 positions. Each one tells you a lot about the wearer. Let's say a watch is running slow while tested in the 12 o'clock position. This could mean that the wearer works in an office at a desk, and their watch is most often in that position, making the action looser.

Or let's say your watch is running noticeably fast or slow, and it's obvious in each position that something is a little off. This probably means you're getting your watch out on the back roads with you. And its taking the same beating as your shocks and suspension.

But have no fear, your watch is built for adventure. Check out our recent blog post- "The tiny part that takes big impact" to learn more.

Recent Post:

Incabloc Technology: The tiny part that takes big impact.

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"I just got the watch a couple minutes ago and wanted to let you guys know I FREAKING LOVE IT! Great job again! I’m going to wear this on my vacation now!"


Seattle, WA


“...The watch looks amazing! It really feels like a piece of gear which could be worn by special forces. And regardless of its dimensions it wears great! Really well done.”


London, UK