VERO Videos

From off roading in Southern Utah, to hiking to hot springs in Iceland. Our watches are built to travel with you, wherever your path may lead.

VERO + 944Rallye

After trekking over 4500 miles across the country, Nicholas Hanlon joined up with Evan and the guys at Pollock Pictures to capture a bit of a "day in the life"- putting the ultimate vehicle through its paces- a Porsche Safari Boxster, code name "Gazpacho", built for the road less travelled.

There is a drive in us all to dig deeper, drive farther, to see what's on the other side. But it takes serious grit and a take-no-shit attitude to put our full trust in the right gear for the job. The Hooligan Workhorse Chrono watch was built to withstand every bump, jolt, and plunge.

Exploring Big Sur

This two part series takes us down the coast of California with Nate Zoller and friends, surfing and snapping shots down historic Highway 1.

Nothing is quite as exciting as throwing together a quick out-of-towner bag. Especially one outfitted with jacket and jeans, favorite camera and watch, and of course a wetsuit and surfboard. We followed along with Nate Zoller and friends as they road tripped down the coast of California, taking in the sites and surf in Big Sur.

The perfect gear doesn't need to come with all the bells and whistles of modern technology. Simplicity paired with purposeful design is the best recipe. The VERO Open Water automatic series watches are built for any adventure. They are meant to be a trusty sidekick, and stay out of the way so you can focus on what you do best.

Part 1

Part 2

Backroads of Southern Utah

Alex Knight and friends took a trip deep into the backroads of Southern Utah in the summer of 2022 with our Workhorse Chrono and SW-Q watches. The Workhorse and SW-Q are both packed with functional features like screw down crowns to keep out water and debris. Which turned out to be essential on this trip full of fixing flat tires in the deep desert and cliff jumping at off the map swim spots. It was the ideal road trip.

Polaris Run in the Desert

The team at Partum Co took our Open Water automatic watches, and a ton of our Athletic Society gear out into the Southwest to put it through paces. Standing up to training sessions in the desert, skating through National Parks, and a gritty Polaris ride through wash outs in Arizona.