The Five Biggest Challenges for American Watchmakers

Michael Wilson, founder of Niall Watches, spoke with online watch publication Hodinkee about the challenges that we face as American watchmakers. Throughout the article VERO is highlighted as a brand committed to developing and manufacturing watches in the USA. The American watchmaking industry offers unique challenges and opportunities and we American watchmakers work collaboratively to overcome those challenges. As Michael says in the article, “American brands are not competing in a national industry against one another; we’re competing in a global industry against foreign and global brands. We all should, cautiously, be helping each other where help is neededIn the past, Vero has helped Niall calculate the mathematics for proper sizing of nitrile gaskets on our crowns, for example.” 

We appreciate being a part of the discussion and having a seat at the table with watchmakers such as Niall, RGM, Kobold, and Weiss.

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images from Hodinkee