Features of the Workhorse

At first glance, the Vero Workhorse may not appear like a traditional tool watch. The main crown and pushers are on the left side of the case and there is a ceramic shroud encasing the watch. While these features may be curious, the layout of the watch and the features are all purpose-built for adventure. 

The Workhorse is made from stainless steel that is coated in ceramic. This gives the watch the look of having a shroud surrounding the case and provides the unique matte color finish. There are two rubberized bull horns going around the top and bottom of the case. These bull horns provide protection to the case and crystal from accidental bumps during your adventures.  

The crown and pusher layout of the Workhorse has been inverted for ease-of-use while being worn. This allows for a more natural feel when using these functions and will also make left-handed wearers feel at home. The pushers have been color-coordinated to the chronograph functions for a visual cue. The orange pusher is the Run/Stop button and will operate the chronograph function of the Workhorse. 

At the 2 o’clock position, there is a screw down crown which operates the internal dive time bezel. This position allows the bezel to be easily operated without taking the watch off the wrist. Once the crown is unscrewed, the dive timer can be set, and the crown screwed back in to maintain water resistance.  

The adjustable passthrough Velcro strap allows for infinite adjustability to keep the Workhorse comfortable all day. If your wrist swells or shrinks with temperature changes, the strap can be quickly adjusted without taking the watch off. The strap also protects against spring bar failure as the watch will not fall off your wrist if one of the spring bars were to break. 

The Workhorse is built to tackle any adventure you can throw at it. The 120 meters of water resistance ensures it will stay dry from the pool to the ocean. Vero will also cover battery replacements for 10 years from the purchase of your watch to ensure your Workhorse is always ready when you are.  

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