VERO Watch Company

VERO Watch Company was founded in 2015 in Portland, Oregon with a mission to challenge the assumption that well-made watches had to be unaffordable and boring. We build watches that are not meant to live in a box on a shelf, they're meant to live on your wrist.

As avid watch collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of a watch that tells a story. VERO watches are inspired by grit, commitment, and style, and we take pride in crafting unique timepieces that are worn on wrists all around the world. Our mission is to inspire life’s journeys with rugged, unique field watches. Our vision is to be champions of the modern American field watch.

Built Upward

Each series that we create builds on what came before it. Our team honed in their knowledge and skill through hands-on, tried and tested methods. Each triumph and failure were equally celebrated, which has become a testament to the craftsmanship of each of our pieces. We wanted to build watches that were modern and bold that would stand up to the test of time, like all the heritage watches we’ve collected from generations of fellow watch lovers.

Global Intentions

In 2020, we pivoted from machining our own parts in-house to a trusted Swiss manufacturer held to the highest standards in the watch world. Our hands-on knowledge carried over into each series design. We created strict quality control guidelines to keep order quantities small and guarantee that we aren’t creating additional waste from poorly made products and packaging. VERO is focused on sustainable products that last lifetimes, and packaging that can be recycled or repurposed.

Our Mission

Your VERO watch was made by people passionate about watchmaking. Too many watches live in safes or display boxes. We want your watch to live on your wrist, experiencing the passion you have for an adventurous life, right along with you. Life isn’t lived in a box, that’s why we offer the toughest gear paired with the best warranty in the industry.

Our team is proud of what we have built and are excited to show you everything we’re continuously working on.