The Safari Special LE

Only 55 built for all terrains

1000+ miles across Mexico

Safari Special is an archivist/racing project to chart & catalog the mavericks, the cowboys, the renegades, and the machines that made the sport what it is today.

limited edition

Safari Special

We built a watch with equal parts skilled mechanics and precision timing. Only 55 built.

The Mexican 1000, now in its 56th yr has become known around the globe as one of motorsports’ toughest challenges.

Set in some of the most iconic & rugged landscapes in North America the Mexican 1000 is as much a race against the land itself as it is other vehicles.

The draw of a new culture and discovering seemingly wild & untamed land so far from the realities of California brought the early racers to Baja in the 70's.

This same draw that brought early racers to Baja, to find and overcome a challenge in the land and discover something new in themselves, has kept racers entering from all over the world.

Entering its second year, Safari Special has some fun stories to tell. The team could not be more excited about the 1968 Funco "Wampuskitty" chassis they’ve selected for this years event. To learn more about the race, visit Safari Special's website.

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