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Forest Service Edition Watch Reviews


"...tough, good-looking watches that are geared toward those who love the outdoors. Beyond the color, though, there are so many tiny details to enjoy about this dial that add to the already engaging case design.”

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Worn & Wound

"It’s a fascinating combination as it gives the wearer the accuracy of a quartz caliber along with the rotor wobble of a self-winding mechanical movement."

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"The coolest thing about these watches, though, is that they aren’t merely exercises in licensing – they have a distinct design language in conversation with VERO’s other watches."

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Scottish Watches

"The World's Number 1 Watch Podcast, News, Reviews and More"

Smokey Bear Watch Reviews


"As someone who leans towards clean, perhaps dressy watches, I felt these polished accents hint at a time when every watch was polished and even those meant for the outdoors were elegant."

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Time + Tide

"Beyond their intrinsic connection to an American icon, the Smokey `44 and `64 are packed with proper field watch specifications. The brown earthy tones of the dial, paired with a sandy texture and set against cream-colored numerals provide for superlative legibility."

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Fratello Watches

"The fine texture reduces reflection and increases readability. It matches surprisingly well with the red, orange, and white printing on the dials, really leaning into the vintage vibe."

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"The theme was tastefully woven into the watch, and I really like how Vero took inspiration from military watches of the same year that Smokey was introduced."

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Cool Material

"Both watches sport a minimalist aesthetic with subtle touches that celebrate the US Forest Service."

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"These watches just have a lot going for them. The size, the design, supporting the Forest Service, the packaging. I have a list of pros, and I don't really have a list of cons."

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Smokey Bear Watches Review: YoureTerrific

Meridian Manual Wind Reviews

Fratello Watches

“It’s the type of watch that seems to tick several important boxes to be a great summer companion. Could this be my summer watch or perhaps yours? Let’s find out.”

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"The Vero Meridian is really about color. It’s a simple balance of colors with great effect, especially the Rally edition reviewed here."

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Random Rob

Check out Random Rob's unboxing the Meridian and his brief review on his YouTube channel.

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Workhorse Chrono Reviews


VERO X ADPT Colab Review:
 ..."if you're looking to lean into the idea of a summer watch with a bright and fun take on a solid and sporty chronograph."

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“There is a lot of functionality crammed into the piece that makes it ideal for any number of outdoor pursuits.”

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Worn & Wound

“Vero has made a watch that perfectly captures the spirit of an active lifestyle watch, and it’s as fun and practical as it is unpretentious.”

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Workhorse Chrono Review: The Time Teller

Open Water Automatic Reviews


“The OPEN WATER ticks all my boxes: a 60-click bezel, flat sapphire, and a comfortable bracelet.”

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Teddy Baldassarre

"12 Awesome Microbrand Watches You Should Have On Your Radar in 2021"

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“This is a proper tool with a Swiss heart, proudly assembled and regulated by this small independent company in the USA.”

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Open Water Review - Will from WatchClicker