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Workhorse Track Day
Greg P. (Marana, US)
NOT the status quo!

Simply, thank you Vero. I was burned out, bored. Most watches are essentially a homage to everything before them. How many “revolutionary” dive watches are a 62MAS or submariner with different colored socks on. All of them. Anything else is a datejust with different dial markers. Enough already! Well Vero came through to save the day (and my faith in watches).
Saw a video from that knucklehead Jory and i knew this was nexus for a new direction in horology. Ingenuity. Love my Hoolie and hoping for a Backcountry in my future.
Again thank you Vero and Teenage Grandpa. Did you save horology? Maybe, maybe not. But you saved it for me.

Limited Edition Workhorse Hooligan
Lord Byron (Portland, US)
Impressed in PDX

Just got my new “ Hooligan “. It’s a BEAUT !!!! Fast shipping , wonderful communication and fabulous watch . Plus these guys are based in the Rose City…..Buy one before they are gone !!! Thanks Vero !

Robust with a ton of character

I got mine early January and wanted to give it some wear before writing a short review. This robust watch has bags of character and I think the price point for a limited edition watch is great. I think the strap is fine for the style of watch and kept the watch in place firmly whilst getting smashed around in surf whilst at Australia's Jan Juc surf beach. Two things that could improve the next version would be better lume (the hands are lumed but not the dial or inner rotating bezel), and the inner rotating bezel is difficult to read because of the colour scheme (maybe a compass bezel would be good given the type of watch). Saying that I wouldn't give this one up and it is now part of my permanent collection. Think of this as the result of a cheeky hookup between a G-Shock and a traditional analogue field watch and you would be on the right track.

Limited Edition Workhorse Hooligan
Jacob S. (Spring, US)
Love it! But there’s just one thing.

First off, I love the body of this watch. It’s solid, has a weight that isn’t too light but not a brick on your wrist. Isn’t too big either. Gotten many compliments on it already. That all being said, it’s a 4/5 for me because the strap leaves much to be desired. I can tell the $425 went to the body but not the strap.

SW-Q Blue Pool Deep Fade
Andrew (Portland, US)
Great little durable watch!

I'm a fairly serious watch person. Everything from Casio to Seiko. Hamilton to Rolex. This is a great sports watch for not a lot of money. It kind of feels like a cross between a Seiko SARB and a G-Shock. Really durable, but also elegant and puts a little style into outdoor activities. The blue dial is REALLY nice to look at.

The only negative that I could picture some people bringing up is that it is a quartz. I get it. Mechanical watches are awesome. However, in this case I prefer the quartz. Keeps the watch nice and thin and when camping I prefer the accuracy and pick up and go qualities of a quartz. This is one of those watches that proves quartz can be cool.

Exactly What I Wanted!

First Vero watch, was back and forth on it for the cost and that I've never had one before. Received it today and it's excellent! The build is solid, and well designed, strap is super comfortable and the color scheme with the smile is epic. I'll be getting another Vero sometime but for now very satisfied with this one!

Quality, solid and rugged.

I'm not a horlogist but I have a small collection of watches. I appreciate the fact that this item isn't delicate, it seems to have some level of scratch resistance. Overall, I am excited about the design and it's unique features and am happy to own one.

Absolutely love this watch!

Absolutely love this watch! Everything about it from the band, to the movement, to the 60 click rotation bezel, to the colors. I was a bit skeptical about the nato band. I always figured I wouldn’t like em’, but now I can’t go back! The only thing I wish they would have included was glow on the numbers and the minute markers white.

One of the best pieces I’ve ever purchased!

This is literally one of the toughest best all around watches I have ever purchased! I love it! I have over 30 watches and it’s one of my primary go to watches now! Vero has the best customer service and they stand behind their products. This is the review you’ve been looking for to buy this watch. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Ridge Trail
B.W. (New York, US)
Super Cool Watch

Guys. Job well done. Solid Watch all around. Colors the bracelet very comfortable. Lume junkies. Very strong Lume . Must Buy Guys

North Coast
S. (Fremont, US)
One of my fave travel watches

This is one of my favorite watches for travel. Just perfect for any situation and I don’t even have to worry about babying it due to the warranty. I’ve gone into pools and beach, hikes, and fancy dinners while traveling with this watch. Just the perfect one watch to have. Oh, and during my travels, I’ve had a few people who complimented me on the watch

B.C. (Portland, US)
Stands up to Doxa sub 200

This watch seems to hold its own (and even exceed) when compared to a very similar looking watch, the Doxa Sub 200.
Features I think sets it apart most beneficially are the 11 mm thickness and the unheard of 10 year no questions asked warranty.
This is making me rethink my next purchase.

Broadway LE
J.R. (Portland, US)
Amazing Quality - Portland Assembled

I cannot overstate how much I love this watch. Great conversation piece and value for money.

Taking it with me everywhere

I just got the watch a couple minutes ago and wanted to let you guys know I FREAKING LOVE IT! Great job again! I’m going to wear this on my vacation now!

Love this watch!

I have owned over 200 watches in my life, but this watch really caught my attention. Great design!

Workhorse Canyon
Great gear watch!

By the way, the watch looks amazing! It really feels like a piece of gear which could be worn by special forces. And regardless of its dimensions it wears great! Really well done.


My Workhorse arrived today and I just wanted to say that is even better in reality. Internet pictures do not do it justice.

Thanks from Tokyo!

The watch looks fantastic and I really love how the watches are named after locations in the PNW, it really lifts up my Oregonian spirit!

North Coast
just got it!

The finish is beautiful. I absolutely love it. The pictures really don't do it any justice. You guys really nailed it. The fit, the weight, the bracelet on my wrist. Everything is really great.

So bright

Man, I love how this watch shines in the light. It’s really f***ing cool. Nice work.

Crown Point
Fits so nice

And, they sized it perfectly. It would make a good glove jealous.

Crown Point
Crown Point

The Crown Point arrived yesterday evening. You folks do know how to create a handsome watch. The shades of color in the steel and dial are unusual and appealing.

Dark Coast
NATO Strap all the way

You guys were right, nato looks cooler :) my wife was impressed with the watch. Thanks!

Broadway LE
Thank you!

Outstanding! I’m thrilled! It’s a great time piece and the packaging and gifts were superb! High quality all around! Thanks!

Broadway LE
Pleasantly Surprised

Thought I’d drop you a note to tell you that I’d received my Broadway and am so pleasantly surprised at how lovely the burgundy is! Subtle yet outstanding! Still appreciating the little details, like the different shades of black/dark gray of the hands - all of which contribute to great legibility. Well done indeed!