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One of the best pieces I’ve ever purchased!

This is literally one of the toughest best all around watches I have ever purchased! I love it! I have over 30 watches and it’s one of my primary go to watches now! Vero has the best customer service and they stand behind their products. This is the review you’ve been looking for to buy this watch. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Ridge Trail
B.W. (New York, US)
Super Cool Watch

Guys. Job well done. Solid Watch all around. Colors the bracelet very comfortable. Lume junkies. Very strong Lume . Must Buy Guys

North Coast
S. (Fremont, US)
One of my fave travel watches

This is one of my favorite watches for travel. Just perfect for any situation and I don’t even have to worry about babying it due to the warranty. I’ve gone into pools and beach, hikes, and fancy dinners while traveling with this watch. Just the perfect one watch to have. Oh, and during my travels, I’ve had a few people who complimented me on the watch

B.C. (Portland, US)
Stands up to Doxa sub 200

This watch seems to hold its own (and even exceed) when compared to a very similar looking watch, the Doxa Sub 200.
Features I think sets it apart most beneficially are the 11 mm thickness and the unheard of 10 year no questions asked warranty.
This is making me rethink my next purchase.

Amazing Quality - Portland Assembled

I cannot overstate how much I love this watch. Great conversation piece and value for money.

Taking it with me everywhere

I just got the watch a couple minutes ago and wanted to let you guys know I FREAKING LOVE IT! Great job again! I’m going to wear this on my vacation now!

Love this watch!

I have owned over 200 watches in my life, but this watch really caught my attention. Great design!

Workhorse Canyon
Great gear watch!

By the way, the watch looks amazing! It really feels like a piece of gear which could be worn by special forces. And regardless of its dimensions it wears great! Really well done.


My Workhorse arrived today and I just wanted to say that is even better in reality. Internet pictures do not do it justice.

Thanks from Tokyo!

The watch looks fantastic and I really love how the watches are named after locations in the PNW, it really lifts up my Oregonian spirit!

North Coast
just got it!

The finish is beautiful. I absolutely love it. The pictures really don't do it any justice. You guys really nailed it. The fit, the weight, the bracelet on my wrist. Everything is really great.

So bright

Man, I love how this watch shines in the light. It’s really f***ing cool. Nice work.

Crown Point
Fits so nice

And, they sized it perfectly. It would make a good glove jealous.

Crown Point
Crown Point

The Crown Point arrived yesterday evening. You folks do know how to create a handsome watch. The shades of color in the steel and dial are unusual and appealing.

Dark Coast
NATO Strap all the way

You guys were right, nato looks cooler :) my wife was impressed with the watch. Thanks!

Thank you!

Outstanding! I’m thrilled! It’s a great time piece and the packaging and gifts were superb! High quality all around! Thanks!

Pleasantly Surprised

Thought I’d drop you a note to tell you that I’d received my Broadway and am so pleasantly surprised at how lovely the burgundy is! Subtle yet outstanding! Still appreciating the little details, like the different shades of black/dark gray of the hands - all of which contribute to great legibility. Well done indeed!

Workhorse Backcountry
Robert Moran (Glasgow, GB)

love the watch
great service

20mm Tropic Straps
E.R. (Parker, US)
Best Tropic Around!

If- like me, you’re slightly obsessed with tropic straps, the Tropic Brand straps do not disappoint and set the bar pretty high!

Soft, super comfortable, with tons of flex - means all day, distraction free wrist time!

The hardware is also a highlight on these straps; with a milled, high quality finish that gives a very premium aesthetic, and sense of security.

I hope they introduce more lug sizes into the collection!

These are fantastic!

Crown Point
Customer (Sunnyvale, US)
Great watch!

I'm not a watch expert so I don't know if the watch loses a few seconds a day or whatever. It keeps pretty good time to me. I do know this is a great looking , unique watch. So many watches look the same. I get a lot of compliments and questions about it. Great size too.

Workhorse Backcountry
R.S. (Los Angeles, US)
Built for adventure

This is my second Workhorse. I loved the first one so much I had to grab another simply because this green is amazing. Built tough, super comfortable, and perfect for any adventure

Workhorse Track Day
R.S. (Los Angeles, US)
The perfect daily wearer

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a watch this comfortable. That also means I find myself wearing it every day. The gray works with everything and the design. So far so good!

Beautiful Timepiece

Hey Guys
Great work on this watch . One of my favorite in my collection. The quality of this goes well beyond others. The color of dial super cool . The bracelet very comfortable on the wrist . A must have in anyones collection.

Workhorse Backcountry
Thomas Holton
Great, tough product

This is a great product! Looks very dystopian yet stylish all at once. I work as a paramedic and wanted a durable analog to use at work with chronograph features which made this one a perfect option. I had been eyeballing it for 4 months, watching it go in and out of stock. I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger on it

Crown Point
Chris B
Made the keeper list

As a chronic watch flipper, it’s pretty tough to find something I’d consider keeping for a long long time other than a few short months. I probably go through anywhere from 20-35 watches per year, with the sale of each one helping to help fund the next. Wife thinks I have a problem but I could have much worse habits I think haha.

Anyways, while no watch is perfect, this comes damn near close.

- thin thin thin
- probably the best bezel I’ve ever tried. Feels like ceramic ball bearing. Ultra snappy and precise.
- the blue used is absolutely chameleon like and goes from night blue to teal and has such a cool sheen to it
- ultra clean dial
- regulated sellita running excellent and easily serviced in the future.
- excellent customer service- Chris has been a pleasure to deal with
- 10 year warranty, what are you, nuts?!
- original design and looks nothing like traditional divers and the DLC coating should hold up very well over time

- could use X1 C3 blue lume which is much brighter and lasts much longer. Current lume is not terrible either, but it could definitely be improved. This watch would then be perfect to me.

- smaller wristed folks the male end link protrudes, but I’m told a solution is being worked on! Good thing it absolutely sings on an FKM rubbber strap. Comfort city.