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An Amazing Watch!

Received this as a birthday gift from my partner and couldn't be more happy with it! I loved the Filson Smokey watch years ago, but didn't buy one. She found this and honestly, I like it better! Well-constructed, really nice size and the style is fabulous. Understated, but unique. I didn't really know anything about Vero previously, but now you're definitely on my radar as a watch junkie!

Great Watch

Watch looks great and the packaging is very nice. Great customer service!

Unique timepiece.

Everyone's perception on watches is different you should buy what you love and love what you buy.
And i love it!!

Excellent Tool For Outdoor Adventures

I was able to visit Chris at the Vero office to try on their watches when I was in Portland! I specifically came in to try the open water automatics but was blown away by how much I liked the workhorse. It fit super well, has a really nice presence and any time I head out into the mountains it is the watch I grab!

Unique Style

This is a really unique watch in terms of style. I hope Vero will try out other variations of this design. Perhaps a polished non-DLC case (to look dressier) and/or alternate dial colors like red or orange? I bought the green dial. I hope to purchase the blue dial at some point.

Nice watch. Needs a couple changes

I like how the watch is light but solid. The teal color really shines in the light.
The band, however, could use a couple updates. First, it barely fits my 7.5” wrist. I have friends with larger wrists that can’t wear this watch. Lengthen the band. Second, how about something other than a vinyl band? Vinyl/silicone bands simply don’t breathe and can get pretty sweaty after a short time. I can’t wear the watch until I find another band; I shouldn’t have to do this with a new watch.
You’re on the right track, Vero. Just make them fit … comfortably.

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your hands-on review of your SW-Q. We're sorry to hear that the strap was too small. We'd be happy to send you a StrapHabit Tropic or a NATO with spring bars to replace that silicone band. I'll be reaching out via email to get you a new strap ASAP.
We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, and take your experience into account. I hope we can make this right so you can start getting some great use out of your watch. Thanks Michael.

smokey the bear

A great looking watch. People who have seen it are amazed how clean it looks, and of course the pic of Smokey! Allarund a wonderful watch to add to your collection!


Love everything about this watch and the packaging. Quality all around. So cool!

Excellent product, highly satisfied with purchase. Recommend.


Love it!

Very sharp watch. Great material and construction. The packaging is amazing and really represents Smokey well.

A Good Wristwatch

I couldn’t be happier I bought this Smokey watch. It keeps solid time right out of the box. The watch and packaging makes it seem like I got my hands on a standard issue item given to Forest Rangers first day on the job.

Beautiful time peace. So happy I bought it.

Great first watch!

Did a lot of research before buying my first watch. Really like the Smokey the Bear touches to this one. It has a nice movement and so far seems very solid.
It's a great fit for my 6,25-6,5 inches. The transport to Belgium went well.

Awesome watch very high quality nice movement every little touch from the packaging to the two straps just perfect I will be bragging about this one for awhile !

Only you

I have a lot of watches some expensive some not so expensive, but this is near the top, as in looks, and the way it feels on the wrist. I have had more 'what's that on your wrist " then when I wear a Tudor. Love it, thanks.

Wow! This is awesome time piece, only you can not do any wrong with this wrist watch. Love it.

Exceeded expectations!

Excellent build quality and finish, shipping with two bands is a nice touch, packaging was well done and the nostalgic look was super cool! I bought the watch as a gift for my wife who works for the Forest Service and let's just say the folks around the station are a little jealous! It has replaced her smart watch for everyday wear.

The Smokey '44

Best bear themed watch I have!

Workhorse Backcountry
Real Ideal Gear
Great Outdoorsman Chronograph

For a long time I had this chronograph on my radar. As a watch reviewer and enthusiast, my initial impression was bland however, as I looked over the watch more closely, the simplicity of design won me over….this is PRECISELY what outdoor watches should be, simple and effective.

I purchased the green workhorse backcountry because of its no nonsense, maintenance free design and effective legibility.

The ceramic coated case and sapphire crystal protect the exterior of the watch while having more than 100m of WR and triple-gasket screw down crown protects the inside. The dimensions of watch is chunky with a 44.5 case diameter combined with a 13.5 height off the wrist. While these dimensions are not uncommon, with a quartz movement it’s on the chunky side of a quartz movement chrono.

Legibility on the watch is outstanding. The black dial and whiteout hr/min hands is a breeze to read even without my reading glasses. The chrono hands and start/stop pusher are orange and this is THE best coordinated function set I’ve seen on a chrono at this price point. This is where the simplicity of design may be overlooked as an elementary design when in practical terms, it’s highly effective. The hour markers are a little small however, whenever a chrono is designed into a watch, dial space is at a premium. Smaller hour numbers is a concession at the point of purchase. As a former law enforcement officer, I’d wear this watch as my patrol watch…no question.

Are the components cheap? No. They are commensurate with this price point and this is inclusive of a 10yr warranty…the reviewer from earlier this month isn’t connecting the dots. The 2-piece Velcro strap is very comfortable and durable. Remember…10yr warranty.

My review of this watch will be out on January 26. @realidealgear

I highly recommend this watch.

Thanks so much for your review of your Backcountry Workhorse!
We greatly appreciate your hands-on feedback and are looking forward to reading your full review at the end of the month. We appreciate your support!

Very nice!

Holy Smokey!

Growing up in Portland I have a soft spot for anything related to this city. Smokey Bear has so much nostalgia for me growing up in the 90s. This watch was so well thought out in every possible aspect. Its tough to understand fully until seeing it in person yet I feel you’d be hard pressed to find this many features offered from other brands at such a reasonable price. Especially with a watch that is limited edition and carry that timeless classic asthetic.
Vero hit a home run with the “Smokey 44”, in my humble opinion and then backed it up with a 10 year warranty. I can say first hand after dealing with their customer service I am a customer for life.

Husband loved it!

Bought it as a present for my watch loving husband- he was impressed with it- it is amazing quality compared to its price point and the packaging was really nice as well. Even though he has "fancier" watches, it has become a favorite in his rotation!

Great Smokey Watch

I’ve always wanted a Smokey watch since I was kid and this one fits the bill. Except this isn’t a kid’s watch, it looks and feels like a serious robust tool watch. The dimensions are perfect for my 71/4” wrist. At first I wasn’t sure about the brown dial in the photos but in person it looks great especially the added texture (a dark green dial would look great also). For the build quality and the Seiko movement I think the price is just right. This watch will serve as a nice reminder of my 20 years spent working for the FS and BLM. Thank you for building the watch!