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Stunning for all occasions

I have been looking at Vero for a while, specifically the Meridian Manual Wind Rambler (blue). But as I was saving up, this terrific quartz watch was advertised at a really low price. So, I tried it. I have high horology watches, microbrands and in-betweens. This is my most versatile watch: beach, work, party, dress, lawn, car projects, shower, pool. The dial is radiant. The intention of the maker to stand behind a little quartz watch for 10 years is remarkable. Size caveat - as a man attracted to traditional sizes, this works for me... too large for my wife's taste. This watch may be aiming at a uni market. But with a 7.25" wrist, I do not recommend buying this if your wrist is any larger. While it may 'fit' at 7.5", the tail on my strap is just long enough to tuck in and wear comfortably for me. It would not wear comfortably (for me) if I was 7.5", which is a medium male wrist.

Favorite watch ahhhmazing

Just received this watch and could not be happier. Quality is exceptional. Packaging is perfect. I love everything about this watch. I prefer the canvas band.

I met my match, I mean watch

Just unboxed my watch, so this is a first impression review. The detail, from the wrapping to the leather pouch is extremely pleasing. That said, I bought the watch not the pouch…and all I can say there is wow. Fits like a glove, if a glove were a watch. Size is perfect. Admittedly, I have small wrists 6.75” on a hot day, but it is so right on. Thank you, Vero!

Very endearing watch

As a hiker and lover of the great outdoors, I knew I would be buying it as soon as I saw it, simply based on the design. However the watch in hand presents a subtle depth and quality that I had not anticipated. All around a winner and definitely a permanent piece in my collection.

The Vero Smokey '44 Watch is Stellar!!!

I recently purchased and have just received my Vero Smokey '44 watch and I am truly impressed. The shipping was very rapid and the presentation boxes are really cool. The watch itself is unique and very functional. It sits well on the wrist and is easily readable from all angles. The face with Smokey's image is tasteful and understated with Ultrabright Lume for nighttime reading. Both straps are attractive on the watch and I will be switching between them dependent on the formality of the setting. The watch is easy to set and the screw-down crown is easily threaded. I am very happy with my purchase of the Vero Smokey '44 Automatic Watch and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish Field Watch!

Awesome watch and design!

Awesome watch and design, just not sure a USFS employee that can afford a $450 watch!

Wonderful Timepiece

Great experience right from the ordering page. The watch itself is solid and well built. The velcro strap makes it more comfortable. Wish we could order spares. Great to wear outdoors.

Handsome, well-built, no nonsense diver with a fresh, modern style

As a watch lover who's very interested in microbrands, and a resident of Portland, OR, I've had my eye on Vero for some time now. Their Open Water series of divers are fresh and not stuck to the heritage/homage looks that so many other dive watches get saddled with. If you like Unimatic or Sinn watches then Vero's clean, modern aesthetic on the Open Water series might appeal to you.

When they released the Rose City Ltd Edition models, with unique colorways honoring Portland, OR, I knew I would have to pull the trigger and the black cherry dial of the Broadway was truly love at first site.

It is a hefty watch with solid weight and a slightly longer lug-to-lug length that I typically wear, but the 11mm depth with a flat, AR coated sapphire crystal allows it to slip under most shirt cuffs, and the minimalist design and smooth top surface of the bezel really has this watch wearing much smaller than it looks.

The fit & finish of this watch (assembled and regulated in the US) is orders of magnitude better than almost any other watch I own in this price point. The unidirectional bezel action is fantastic, with solid clicks and no play or looseness. The screw down crown is super tight - which gives great confidence as to the water resistance rating, but can make it a little difficult to adjust, especially given the prominent, functional crown guards.

I got mine on bracelet, which I do recommend it because it's quite attractive and the matte finish matches the case perfectly. Having said that, there is some room for functional improvement - the micro adjust in the buckle requires a tool (which is common, though I really wish more bracelets would come with on the fly micro adjustments), the compression clasp can be difficult to release, and an easier to use "quick release" spring bar would be greatly appreciated for swapping out the bracelet.

All in all, this watch has so much character, is solidly built, and super functional - I highly recommend Vero's Open Water diver for someone who wants a more unique, modern dive watch that is not handcuffed to design cues from the past. With so many interesting colorways to choose from (including my favorite Black Cherry/Black on matte stainless steel) this watch will stand out from the crowded field of vintage-inspired dive watches out there.

Loving the Rustic Look of the Safari Special

I have been eyeing Vero for a while and finally decided to jump when I saw the Safari Special. The tan dial is unique but the applied indices are still easy to see regardless of the lighting. The Horween strap is extremely comfortable. I love the solid feel, excellent timing for a mechanical watch and the fact that it is designed and assembled here in the US.

Super versatile, quick to draw compliments

I have to say that the watch looks amazing on the wrist in both the leather strap or bracelet. It is a breeze to swap to the other strap if you want to switch it up. The leather case that the watch came in is a beaut. Got several compliments first day wearing it.

Workhorse Track Day

My new favorite watch. I swapped out the factory band for a two piece Barton canvas strap in cool grey. This helped to reduce the wrist height on this rather thick timepiece. The combo looks great together and I definitely like the unique look of this watch!

"Safari Special" Is Just That...

My first Vero - this limited-edition just jumped off the page at me, and I had to have it. It does not disappoint. The minimalistic sand-colored face (with capability info on the case-back) is contrasted wonderfully by the black bezel, and the stark white elements - dial markers and bezel indices - really jump off the watch and make time-telling a breeze. Bright, long-lasting lume a surprising bonus as well. Love the brown leather strap, makes it work for fashion or fun. Proud owner of one of the 55 being sold; looking forward to my next Vero!

Open Water Dark Coast
best watch

It's an unbelievably good watch at this price. Use it at camp.

Open water Orange

Vero's ears must've been burning when i was praying for an orange dialed open water, this watch is absolutely fantastic!

No complaints here

Great customer service, quick shipping, watch exceeded all my expectations!

Charles Jeffery
Old Stock Vero SW/SS

Just received my Vero SW/SS today. I just love the case dimensions and format, especially the dial with prominent 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers which focus the wearer. I should have purchased this watch in 2018 (Wind Up San Francisco), but deferred to a Vero Polerouter homage, a limited Vero X Worn and Wound collaboration (33 pieces). As a former Portland resident, I love supporting the home team. And this watch is sourced and built in Portland. Both watches are spectacular. A special thanks to Kaine who made sure the watch was properly regulated before shipping.

Open Water Dark Coast

I've been attracted to Vero watches for a while and missed out on the limited editions from Worn and Wound. The Open Water series has a unique design and an amazing color selection. My new Dark Coast is amazing and has the BEST gray dial I have seen. Seems very robust as well. Now I am eyeing the Meridian but am hoping the Peak dial is resurrected!

What a watch

Workhorse is a tank of a watch and my new every day wear. Love this watch. Will buy more from Vero after this experience. Cannot recommend enough.


I purchased my watch 3 weeks ago but wanted to wear it for a bit before I shared my thoughts. Overall, I can truly say it's a great watch. I have a few expensive pieces but this has not left my wrist since I received it. I'm more than impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a durable, affordable, stylish watch. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

What an amazing buying experience!!!

My first experience with Vero has been extremely satisfying. The communication I received throughout the process was second to none. The watch I received is quite impressive. I will definitely be considering Vero for future purchases

Solid Bracelet

Needed to replace my existing bracelet. Looks and feels great

Bit of a rough start, awesome finish

I bought a Meridian Rambler watch - I've wanted that style of Vero for a while, but they had been sold out since 2018 (I think). (I bought a Nomos instead. Not my best move.)

The packaging in which the watch was delivered was very nice. The watch was carefully packed - and delivered just as promised.

I am generally a NATO strap guy because I never take my watch off other than to wind it, and because I bicycle commute, the watch stays on in the shower. However, I wanted to try a bracelet, so I opted for the bracelet on the Meridian.

This is where it went a bit sideways for a bit. I could not remove links from the bracelet to properly size the bracelet. I bent two WIHA bits trying to remove the pins. Something was wrong, and it sucked.

I emailed Chris, and said that the bracelet sucked. He agreed, and said that the first batch of bracelets were not to spec, and to address the issues, VERO was sizing before shipping.

He was having another set of bracelets made to be shipped to customers to address the issues. I took comfort in that I was not the only one with issues. I removed the first bracelet, installed spring bars, and on went a NATO.

Watch was great. -5 seconds per day on the wrist at all times. I set the watch a minute fast, and I am good for two weeks.

Didn't take the watch off for about 3 weeks - perfection.

The new bracelet arrived in about 3 weeks, and it is superb! I had to remove a link for perfect fit, and it took just a few minutes. Super easy - so much better than the first bracelet.

I really like the bracelet - easy on/easy off, looks great, and really works with the watch. It's solid, and fits very well.

I had been wearing a Hamilton Khaki field watch in white as my daily wearer, but the Rambler has replaced it. I am super happy with the watch and the new bracelet.

Chris and Kaine REALLY stepped up with everything (even dealing with my grumpiness/disappointment about the first bracelet), and I have no doubt that the 10 year guarantee is rock solid. They were ON IT.

I can't be happier - it's been a great experience, and it's a great watch. Highly recommended.

Open Water Dark Coast

This is a great watch at any price! Well made, comfortable, especially the NATO band. Great lume. Low profile and feels lighter on the wrist than most SS watches of this size.

Orange for days

I've wanted a watch with an orange dial for a long time. I was already looking at the Open Water Ridge Trail when the Daybreak was released. At that point I knew the hunt for orange was over. The quality is obvious, the design is amazing, and the shade of orange is perfect.
Now about that Ridge Trail...

Quick shipping and excellent products

Fantastic watch, and delivered quickly! Ordered the Broadway Open Water - love the nod to some classic Portland streets - have fond memories of the brick squares and sidewalks along Broadway, and the watch serves as a wonderful reminder whenever worn.