Your summer-ready watch

VERO X ADPT Workhorse Limited Edition

VERO and ADPT have teamed up for a bold and summer-ready take on the Workhorse chronograph. Available exclusively at WindUP Watch Shop.

Spot-On Style

The mid-case is a vivid aqua spritzed with random flecks of white, making no two watches exactly the same. Yellow wire “bullhorns” frame the dial, while tonal pushers and large steel crowns stud the sides.

High Contrast

The white nylon acts as a neutral backdrop, while also making the white elements of the dial stand out just a bit more. Of course, with the 20mm lugs, any color of the ADPT US-Made Mil-Straps and Single Pass straps will fit, making it the ideal summer watch.

Party on

The dial continues the party with a base of aqua, accented by white numerals. Sunken sub-dials at the three and nine are colored in white and aqua, respectively, for a touch of asymmetry that also highlights chronograph functionality.


Like a pool party on the wrist, the Vero X ADPT Workhorse is a summer-ready statement watch that is as fun to wear as it is functional. Limited to 100 units, it will be available 12pm ET, June 8th, 2023 only at the Windup Watch Shop for $499, and will begin shipping by end of July.

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