Workhorse How-To's

Main operating features


The Workhorse's Chronograph can be activated by pressing the lower button, and reset back to starting position by compressing the upper button.

Inner Bezel

The crown on the upper right can be unscrewed and clicked into set position to rotate the inner bezel. Mark the beginning of the timing sequence by lining up the circle with the location of the minute hand.

ONe Hr Chrono

The time elapsed is captured up to one hour in the right sub dial. The left sub dial is used for the second hand to show the seconds elapsing.

REsetting the chrono hand

Zero out the chronograph hand back to 12 o'clock position:

  • Uncrew left hand stem and crown
  • Click out to time setting position
  • Compress lower button until chrono hand sweeps to prefered position
  • Press in and screw down crown