How to use a dive bezel in more ways than you think.


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The bezel is nothing new to wrist watches. Like the watches they're affixed on, they come in various styles and have many uses aside from what they were originally intended for. The bezel on your VERO Open Water is a classic dive time bezel. Originally used for timing how long a diver was underwater, the dive time bezel is one of the most ubiquitous and classic bezel designs.


So, how do you use the bezel on the Open Water? If you’re a diver, you rotate the bezel until the 00 is aligned with the minute hand, then jump in the water. While underwater, the high legibility and contrast of the text will allow you to read how long you have been underwater.


There are a few different types and mechanisms used for dive bezels. There are bezels that spin in both directions, known as a bidirectional bezel and there are bezels that spin in one direction, known as unidirectional. Bezels come with a different amount of “clicks” depending on their use. The most common are 60 and 120 click bezels. A 120 click bezel will allow a greater degree of precision when setting the bezel, but 60 clicks bezels often feel more tactile and satisfying. Your VERO Open Water features a 60 click unidirectional bezel. 


That’s great, but what if I am not a diver? Can I not use my bezel? Thankfully, dive bezels can be used for just about anything you might normally use your phone timer for. The best part is that the dive bezel is just a reach away and far faster to use. 


Need to time how long the burgers need to stay on the grill? Use the bezel. Want to make sure your kids only get 15 minutes of screen time? Spin the bezel until the 00 lines up with the minute hand and wait until the minute hand reaches 15 minutes elapsed on the bezel. Developing film, baking, surfing, the list goes on. The dive time bezel is one of the best and most functional bezel designs available on any watch and it is available on your VERO Open Water.


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  • Ken Mitchell Smith

    You should explain the safety aspect of only being able to turn a bezel counterclockwise when diving. If you knock it to another position accidentally it can only go towards you coming up sooner, rather than a dangerous surprise of running out of air because the bezel got accidentally knocked clockwise.

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