Incabloc Technology: The tiny part that takes big impact.

Three images of Ridge Trail watch being worn by man driving a Polaris off road vehicle

Our watches are built for adventure and that means they need to be able to handle whatever you throw at them. When we were looking for a movement to place in the Open Water, we kept this in mind. This led us to the Sellita SW-200-1 which features Incabloc Shock Absorption technology.


Close up image of automatic watch movementDetails of Incabloc internal workings, shock absorber in watch movement

Incabloc Shock Absorption relies on a tiny, specialty-shaped spring calculated for a range of mechanical functions. The design of the lyre spring combined with the double cone of the recentering system react instantly to shocks from any direction. That’s great, but what does it mean for your Open Water? This means that not only does the technology exist to prevent movement damage from shocks, but that we have put our watches to the test to ensure it lives up to those claims. From swinging clubs on the golf course, off roading in a Polaris, racing dirt bikes, and put through arduous hikes in the desert, the Open Water is safe from shock damage.



At Vero, we want to give you a durable watch. There are other movements available that cost less but don’t provide the type of durability, especially from shock damage, that the Sellita SW-200-1 does. If you like adventure, outdoor activities, and living your life like we do at VERO, the Open Water is the sports watch for you.

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