Top 10 Jeep Off Roading Trails

The last few years have been a challenge, especially when it comes to getting outside and going on an adventure. When it comes to shaking off the dust of sitting at home or working in the office, nothing can refresh you like getting off the beaten path. After all, what could be better than off roading in a jeep. An off-road adventure is just what the doctor ordered, and we have the top 10 best ideas for your next jeep off roading adventure. Grab your keys and your off road gear, and hit the trails. Here are some of my favorite jeep off roading trails:

Rubicon Trail California

What better place to start than the namesake of one of the great off-roading vehicles of all time, the Jeep Rubicon? The Rubicon Trail in California is an off-roading paradise. No wonder it is the number 1 jeep off roading trail on our list. You'll need to ensure your off road jeep is up to snuff as this is a challenging off-road course. And this trail is also home to the annual Jeepers Jamboree.

ATV Trails in Aroostook Country, Maine

If you're across the country and the Jeepers Jamboree isn't for you, check out the ATV Trails in Aroostook Country, Maine. While you may think of lobsters when it comes to the state of Maine, it is also home to some of the most challenging ATV trails in the USA. It is home to the northern tip of the Appalachian Trail and will give you splendid views of the mountain ranges on your off-road journey. 

Jeep Off Roading Trails in Colorado

How about off roading in a jeep in Colorado? Colorado is home to Rocky Mountain National Park, so it should be no surprise that the Centennial State is also home to great off-roading. 

The Imogene Pass is the second-highest driveable pass in Colorado and will have you and your Jeep sucking for air as you reach an altitude of over 13,000 feet above sea level. Make sure you check out the specs of this trail beforehand and ensure that your rig is ready for these heights.


Jeep Off Roading Trails in British Columbia

If you're willing to cross the border to our neighbors up north, the Whipsaw Trail in British Columbia will be a more accessible off-road trail than some of the ones mentioned above. The trail spans miles and can take up to 12 hours to accomplish, so it is perfect for the weekend off-road adventure.  You can find detailed articles on everything off road on Overland Trail Guides. It's a great site for everything from community 4x4 events, verified trail routes in the US, and the latest in off road gadgets and gear.


Utah Off Road Jeep Trails

Utah is home to a few National Parks, each more beautiful than the next. It is also home to the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. Follow the link to check out everything you need to know before planning your off road trip through CanyonlandsThe trail offers hundreds of miles with awe-inspiring views of Utah's beautiful vistas and can be used for a long-distance bike route as well.

Arkansas Trails 

Arkansas might not be the first state that comes to mind when considering your next off-road adventure. However, the Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the perfect destination for something even more off the beaten path than the other trails on the list. Superlift is privately owned and spans hundreds of acres. The cherry on top is that Superlift is also a perfect family fun getaway complete with camping, cabins, and more.


Jeep Off Roading in Arizona

If fun in the sun is your game, then off-roading in Arizona is what you want.  The Broken Arrow Trail is one of the best off-road trails in the Grand Canyon state. The trail is 2.8 miles long but is a blast for every inch of the trail. This trail is also great for beginners in off-roading as there are guided tours available. 

Jeep Off roading in Canada

Heading back to Canada, the Ganaraska Forest is next on our list. This trail is just an hour outside of Toronto and is on land owned by the Ganaraska Conservation Authority. This off-roading adventure is perfect for beginners. This trail offers trails that can accommodate everything from an ATV to a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Trails in Georgia

If you find yourself in Georgia and get bored eating peaches all day, the Tray Mountain Jeep Trail is what you're looking for. This trail features views of the southern point of the Appalachian Trail and can be a challenging trail to navigate. You should have a spare tire or two for your Jeep as some deep ditches can make navigation challenging.

Sunshine Florida

Lastly, we have the Ocala National Forest in the Sunshine State of Florida. Encompassing over 600 square miles, the Ocala National Forest is one of the best off-roading destinations in Florida. Not only are there views of hundreds of natural lakes and ponds, but you might also get a glimpse at a gator or two while navigating the trails. Any one of the off-roading destinations above is the perfect getaway to get muddy in your ATV, Jeep, or SUV.  It's hard to pick just one, so why not make a list and see if you can check off each off-roading adventure?

Where to find off road trails near you?

You can use a website like Traillsoffroad to find off road trails near your location.

Off Road Gear

Off roading in a jeep is fun, entertaining, and memorable. And the adventure is even better when you have the right off road gear with you. If you're looking for great gear to take on your next adventure, check out our blog post on hiking in IcelandOr take a look at the toughest men's watch for outdoor adventures - The Workhorse Canyon, in the article written by Thomas Calara via Worn & Wound: Out of Office.

Wrap Up

I hope you would have enjoyed this list of top jeep off roading trails. Off roading in a jeep can make memories you would cherish forever!

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