No-Questions-Asked Warranty? Really?

Something terrible happened. You wrecked your VERO watch and it is 7 years old.

You must be out of luck right? You’ll have to buy a new watch.

Not with VERO.

Did you know that we have a 10 year, no-questions-asked warranty?

It’s the longest and most comprehensive warranty available in the watch industry.

Whether you dropped it on concrete, got steam damage from a hot tub, or wrecked it in a motorcycle crash (yes, we have covered this damage before), we will fix your watch.

If you can return it to us, you’re covered.

In 2020, we pivoted from machining our own products in-house to a trusted Swiss manufacturer held to the highest standards in the watch world.

We know what it takes to craft a truly dynamic time piece, and we stand behind all of our watches with the best warranty in the industry. 

Other watch brands often have 1 to 2 year warranties, which only cover manufacturer defects.

Even some of the biggest Swiss brands only offer 5 year warranties.

At VERO, we are proud to offer the best warranty available at 10 years and no-questions-asked.

We build our watches to take a beating and stand up to the stress you will put it through on your adventures.

We want to make sure you’re not afraid to use and wear your watch the way you want.

Each VERO watch is made to our exacting standards and is assembled, regulated and warrantied in-house, here in Portland, Oregon.

If for any reason your watch stops working, reach out to our team and we’ll fix it free of charge (so long as it’s not lost or stolen) through the duration of your warranty.

Beyond 10 years, we will stand behind our watches and continue to offer service and support to ensure your VERO watch runs just as well as the day you bought it. 

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