There's a Swiss heart in all of our watches.

At VERO, we regulate, assemble and service our watches in Portland, Oregon. But did you know the Open Water is Swiss manufactured? The Open Water is the first series where we haven’t milled our own cases and dials in house. We wanted to ensure we could place our focus on the value we are able to offer with the Open Water and our unique and direct customer care. While Swiss Made may not appear on our dials, you can be sure that our watches are built to the same exacting standards and tolerances as the watches that bear that mark.

We are one of the few US watch brands that assemble, regulate and service our watches. We still hold a place in our hearts for the days when we crafted each piece of our watches. But turning our focus to our customers and to designs crafted with intention. The integrity of our designs are tested daily by our toughest customers and our watches, like the Open Water, continue to stand out and hold up against their exacting and grueling expectations. 

Despite shipping everywhere in the United States as well as internationally, we’re still a local watch brand at heart. If you’re local or traveling through the Portland area, we invite you to stop in at our NW Portland, Oregon office. Drop us a line at to set up a meeting.

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