Why a Quartz Chronograph?


Mechanical chronographs have been around for decades and have powered iconic watches like the Omega Speedmaster and Tag Heuer Monaco. While they certainly have their place, they are often expensive to produce and service. This cost is often passed along to the consumer. Quartz chronographs have made their mark in the chronograph world in short order. They provide nearly all of the benefits of a mechanical chronograph, with none of the drawbacks.  

The Vero Workhorse is using the Miyota 6S21 quartz chronograph movement. This movement comes from the same factory that produces ultra-reliable automatic movements like the Miyota 9000 series. A quartz chronograph movement like the one powering the Workhorse allows you to grab and go anytime. Because the movement requires no winding or time setting in between wears, the Workhorse is always ready to go.  

The Workhorse’s movement also features some of the mechanical feedback that those familiar with traditional mechanical chronographs might be used to. The Run/Stop and Reset buttons have a tactile operation that allows you to truly feel the movement being actuated. The central chronograph hand also has a smooth sweep, as opposed to ticking once per second.  

Just like the Workhorse, the Miyota 6S21 quartz chronograph movement was built from the ground up for reliability, ease of use, and affordability.

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