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Each Open Water 38 is assembled and tested ahead of shipping out. With a small team and to ensure the highest quality and control, these watches will ship in batches every 2 weeks. Simply choose from the available shipping option.

60 Click Unidiretional Cerakoted 12 Hour Bezel

The 12-hour unidirectional bezel on the Open Water 38 allows you to track a second time zone effortlessly by rotating the bezel to the current hour difference. This feature ensures accuracy and prevents accidental adjustments, making it highly reliable and convenient for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

200 meters of water resistance

The Open Water 38 is fundamentally a dive watch, offering an impressive 200m of water resistance. It features a screw-down crown that employs a triple gasket piston-like design to keep out water and debris.

Custom Designed 18mm Stainless Steel Bracelet

The Open Water 38 features a custom-designed 18mm stainless steel single screw links feature a media-blasted matte finish and female endlinks. Coupled with the Nodex Micro Adjust System, it is adjustable from 5" to infinity offering a perfect fit for any wrist.


All VERO watches feature a multi-gasket stem and crown/case tube configuration. The case tube has an extended sealing face that maintains contact with the o-ring across the stroke of the setting positions, ensuring the watch remains sealed even when setting the time. The watch case includes an indentation where an o-ring, or gasket, rests. During assembly, the o-ring is coated with a thin layer of silicone grease to create an airtight seal when the case back is tightened down, sitting flush against the case.

Multi Gasket Screw Down Crown with Protective Flanks

Dive watches generally feature crowns that screw down flush to the case. The case tube is specially designed with threads to secure the crown when it is screwed back in after setting the hands. Inside the case tube, silicone gaskets rest beneath the crown head, providing a watertight seal.

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Nodex Micro Adjust System

We teamed up with Nodus to create a clasp that simplifies adjusting your watch's fit. With just a button push, you can make 1/2" micro-adjustments, ensuring a comfortable bracelet all year round.

Sapphire Crystal with Internal AR Coating

Having a durable crystal on a dive watch is crucial. In deeper waters, a sapphire crystal remains intact, unlike a mineral glass crystal that can crack or splinter under pressure. Sapphire crystals are naturally anti-reflective and boast a hardness of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, with only diamonds being harder, scoring a perfect 10.

Super LumiNova Hands and Indicies

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Incabloc Technology:

The tiny part that takes big impact.

Our watches are designed for adventure, capable of withstanding any challenge. With this in mind, we chose the Sellita SW-200-1 movement for the Open Water, as it features Incabloc Shock Absorption technology.

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