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10 Year Warranty

All VERO watches come with a 10 year, no-questions-asked warranty that covers everything from aesthetic repair to movement service and regulation.

big impact

VERO follows strict quality control guidelines to keep order quantities small and guarantee that we aren’t creating additional waste from poorly made products and packaging.

Highly Dependable

Our watches are built for every adventure by using highly durable features like a sapphire crystal, DLC coated case components, and screw-down crowns.

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Automatic watches wind by the motion of your wrist and allow you to "set it and forget it".

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Manual Winds

These watches stand apart with an heir of elevated style and fine-tuned craftsmanship.

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Using a battery as its source of power, quartz movements are highly efficient and accurate.

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Kinetic movements have a rotor that turns with the motion of your wrist, and stores energy in a capacitor.

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Kinetic Movement

Seiko kinetic movements offer rechargeable power with a 6-month reserve, and sweeping hand indicator to monitor your levels.