Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry
Workhorse Backcountry

Workhorse Backcountry

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The Backcountry was inspired by those off-the-map trails riddled with mud and grit. Each design detail stands up to the elements, making it sustainable against even the toughest trails.

  • 120m/390ft Water Resistance
  • Triple Gasket, Screw Down Crown 
  • AR Coated Sapphire Crystal
  • Protective Rubberized Steel Bullhorns
  • Stainless steel case with scratch-resistant, color-tinted Cerakote (ceramic coating)
  • Left-Handed Crown and Chrono Pushers
  • Inner Rotating Bezel
  • Miyota 6S21 Chronograph Central Quartz movement with chronograph hand with quick reset
  • 1 Hour Chronograph
  • Left-handed Operation
  • 44.5mm - Case Width
  • 13.5mm - Case Height
  • 49.5mm - Lug to Lug
  • 18mm Strap Width- fits wrists from 6.5" to 8.5"

We offer a 10-year warranty against any damage. Past 10 years, we continue to offer service and support to ensure your watch runs to the highest standard. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Excellent product, highly satisfied with purchase. Recommend.

Real Ideal Gear
Great Outdoorsman Chronograph

For a long time I had this chronograph on my radar. As a watch reviewer and enthusiast, my initial impression was bland however, as I looked over the watch more closely, the simplicity of design won me over….this is PRECISELY what outdoor watches should be, simple and effective.

I purchased the green workhorse backcountry because of its no nonsense, maintenance free design and effective legibility.

The ceramic coated case and sapphire crystal protect the exterior of the watch while having more than 100m of WR and triple-gasket screw down crown protects the inside. The dimensions of watch is chunky with a 44.5 case diameter combined with a 13.5 height off the wrist. While these dimensions are not uncommon, with a quartz movement it’s on the chunky side of a quartz movement chrono.

Legibility on the watch is outstanding. The black dial and whiteout hr/min hands is a breeze to read even without my reading glasses. The chrono hands and start/stop pusher are orange and this is THE best coordinated function set I’ve seen on a chrono at this price point. This is where the simplicity of design may be overlooked as an elementary design when in practical terms, it’s highly effective. The hour markers are a little small however, whenever a chrono is designed into a watch, dial space is at a premium. Smaller hour numbers is a concession at the point of purchase. As a former law enforcement officer, I’d wear this watch as my patrol watch…no question.

Are the components cheap? No. They are commensurate with this price point and this is inclusive of a 10yr warranty…the reviewer from earlier this month isn’t connecting the dots. The 2-piece Velcro strap is very comfortable and durable. Remember…10yr warranty.

My review of this watch will be out on January 26. @realidealgear

I highly recommend this watch.

Thanks so much for your review of your Backcountry Workhorse!
We greatly appreciate your hands-on feedback and are looking forward to reading your full review at the end of the month. We appreciate your support!

Good, but would like more quality for the price

I got the watch for Christmas. I have been eyeing it for quite some time and thought this would be a nice off-the-beaten-path watch that would look sharp from afar and impress up close. And to my satisfaction, this watch looks good on the wrist.

But here are my issues:

The band is cheap. Super cheap. It's already fraying and have been wearing it for about 10 days. At the pricepoint, this band should hold up longer than a few days. I also think that for such a big case, the band is too thin and given the 18mm diameter, not sure that you can bulk it up with a secondary market band.

The watch case is very sturdy, but the crystal is flush with the outside edge of the watch. You have those black bars that buffer it to some degree, but I worry that this crystal is going to get dinged up a lot without much protection.

The stopwatch timer buttons feels a little cheap and look cheap up close. The internal bezel is cool, but the movement feels cheap--Something about winding it doesn't feel right. Like the bezel moves slower than the crown that winds it.

Overall, I think it's a nice looking watch and I am happy to have it in my collection. But for a quartz movement at this price point, I expected a little more quality in the component parts given the price point.

Hi Khalil, Thank you so much for your hands-on feedback with your Workhorse Chrono. We haven't experienced the bands fraying with other customers and would be happy to send you a new one.
The crystal is a sapphire crystal, so no need to worry about scratches or dings. If your sapphire crystal ever incurred damage or cracking from extreme wear, it is covered under the 10-year warranty. 
The speed/sweep of the internal bezel comes down to how large the diameter of the watch is, compared to the small amount of rotation the crown can make in one turn. 
We’re happy to hear that you do enjoy the watch, and we hope you will get some great use out of it. 
Keep an eye out for your new strap in the mail!

2 styles to chose from

" a Modern take on a rugged field watch "

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The case of the Workhorse is coated in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) to protect the stainless steel case from abrasions. Fitted rubberized steel bullhorns clasp the case and take on impact.

High Visibility

Crystal + Lume

A sapphire crystal with inner AR (anti reflective) coating sits flush in the case. We designed the Workhorse to have high legibility with simple plateaus on the dial and bold numbers.

The hands and dot markers on inner case rings are filled with Super-LumiNova.

Perfect Timing

One Hour Chrono

The time elapsed is captured up to one hour in the right sub dial. The left sub dial is used to show the seconds elapsing.

The right hand crown can be unscrewed to rotate the inner bezel to mark the time.

Tucked Away

Crown + Pushers

The Workhorse left handed pushers and screw down crown are meant to stay out of the way, while also being easy to operate in action.

The right hand screw down crown is used to operate the inner bezel ring, which can be used to mark the beginning of time elapsed.

Adjustable comfort

Nylon + Velcro Strap

Each Workhorse model comes with a velcro strap with woven nylon base for a comfortable snug fit. Besides being ultra durable, the strap is adjustable and machine washable.

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